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  • Phew, we’re back!

    I hope everybody and their families have all come through the lockdown without too much of a negative impact. I am very pleased to be back at work from 1st July having…

  • COVID-19 temporary closure

    Place Photography will not be operating until Government guidance indicates that it is safe to get back to work. Stay safe!

  • Thrice Trapped!

    Getting trapped is one of the unexpected hazards of location photography. I guess it is down to the fact that you do get to access some places that most people rarely get…

  • video Benjamin Cousins Suffolk

    Probono video kick-starts young pianist’s career

    VideoA favour for a friend of a friend has helped a young pianist kick start his career as a cocktail pianist entertaining passengers aboard cruise ships around the world. The Swan at Lavenham…

  • Value your image

    What value do you place on your image library? Will the images you make or commission be discarded after the first use or will they stand as documents with a meaning to…

  • Lakeside scene at Neuchatel, Switzerland

    Photography, Art & Architecture summer school at Central St Martins

    I am delighted to have been accepted to study with Diego Ferrari at the Photography, Art & Architecture  summer school at Central St Martins in London. This prestigious programme provides the opportunity  to reflect on how…

  • Aurora Borealis, Norway

    It’s all about the light

    It is ALL about the light. It is true. If you want the viewer to engage emotionally with an image, you need interesting light. This is especially true of interiors photography but really…

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