Supermodels of insulation

The call from Fabrick, the marketing agency for the built environment, was perfectly timed to occupy me in a nice warm studio as the winter weather took grip. Their client Recticel is a Europewide manufacturer of PIR insulation boards and needed new product photography of their range of panels. The brief was a demanding 32 pages carefully stipulating what was required.

My own studio is great for smaller product photography but these panels needed a larger space. Happily I have ready access to a much larger space very nearby so this was no problem.

They may only be building products to most people but to the client, getting the best possible images of their product is absolutely critical to the success of their business. Whatever the product, the photographer has to treat their subject as the most important thing they could be photographing that day. Studio photography picks up every little bit of dust and every minor blemish so, although the panels were delivered in good condition, PIR panels are not manufactured with studio photography in mind and a great deal of careful dusting and polishing before the shoot, and retouching in-post, was required to make them look like the supermodels of the insulation world.

Photographing mirror-like surfaces is a particular challenge but one that can be met with careful technique. It is an area where experience really pays off.

On seeing the finished images the client decided there were two more views they needed and I was able to quickly produce one in photoshop repurposing on images already captured (helping to keep the cost down for the client) and the other by returning to the studio.

I produce product photography in my own studio, in the large studio space nearby or I can bring my studio to you. If you need photography of your products please do call me on 01394 647297.

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