Architectural Photography in Suffolk

The Twilight Zone

If you have looked at all at the way architecture is photographed nowadays, you will have noted the preponderance of those early evening shots with interior lights burning brightly but with enough natural light remaining to show a deep blue sky overhead. They are fabulous for showing the nature of the interior of a building whilst still illustrating the external form and materials..

Of course they are achievable at any time of year but in the UK the Autumn is my favored time for these shots. Trees still retain some leaves but have lost enough to permit a glimpse of what lies beyond. The shorter days are far less demanding on both photographer and owner and the blue hour (more like 20 mins) seems to linger long enough to provide options.

The house in this photograph, designed by KLH Architects, is set on a very steep bank which drops away towards the River Orwell at Pin Mill so the camera was set on a tall camera mast so that the desired view could be achieved. It was commissioned by Stowe Building Contractors of Suffolk.

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