Thirteen steps to great photography of buildings

When commissioned to photograph the built environment there are thirteen things I strive for . . .

  1. Set the building in its context
  2. Impart a sense of place / the feeling that a building evokes
  3. Emphasise the human dimension
  4. Investigate detail and textures
  5. Show how a building works
  6. Create tantalising glimpses of other worlds
  7. Produce images with a lyrical intensity
  8. In older buildings, convey time as well as form
  9. Have an empathy for materials, crafts and traditions
  10. Segment larger environments into discrete areas and create simplicity by paring down the subject
  11. Understand and articulate the intention of designer or architect
  12. Impart a sense of drama
  13. Commit your energy, your mind, and your soul
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