Photography for travel artist’s website

It was a delight to be asked to make a new website for the wonderful travel artist Mary-Anne Bartlett. We have been friends for years and I am so impressed with everything she has achieved through her art travel company Art Safari

What Mary-Anne needed was a simple online presence which shows her work without the distraction of exotic travel opportunities to every part of the world.

An early priority was to make good photographic copies of her work from numerous sketchbooks and other formats. As anyone who has tried to photograph their own artwork will know, this is a little more technical than it sounds. Getting accurate paper colour and paint colours, brightness and dark as it was intended by the artist is not a simple matter. Then there was the matter of what to select and how to categorize it.

Have a look at to see how we got on.

You can see some of the videos I have made for Mary-Anne here

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