Tribute to Architect Kathryn Findlay

Tribute to inspirational British Architect Katheryn Findlay

So sorry to hear of the loss of the inspirational Architect Kathryn Findlay.

Here are some of her responses to questions put to her by the AJ in Febuary last year. Her responses are so direct and to the point. Refreshing!

Why did you become an architect?
To mix poetry and pragmatism.

What is your design ethos?
Balance in the design team. Honesty in the drivers. Make the most of what’s available.

Which women architects inspire you?
Christine Hawley, a brilliant teacher; Zaha Hadid’s extraordinary imagination; Farshid Moussavi’s self-confident ideas; Jane Wernick’s inspired insight; Eva Jiřičná’s ability to create jewels; Cany Ash’s forthright outspokenness; Fionn Stevenson’s depth of humanity.

What is your advice to aspiring female architects?
Focus and be open to possibilities – don’t be put off by the aggression of others. Think things through, quietly get things done and communicate clearly, always taking into account the position of the other parties. The advantage we have as women is we are natural mediators between people and man and nature.

Why do women leave the profession?
It’s very grueling and not as financially rewarding as it should be, given the time put in. Maybe women work that out faster than men.

What is the biggest challenge facing women in architecture?

Everyone in architecture is facing financial fallout. Stamina and determination pay, as long as you have the design talent to see your work through.

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