The Mix Stowmarket, Suffolk commissioned by Concertus

Update your photography stock – your ‘staff photographer’

It is a problem of priorities. You can’t keep on using the same old pictures. You intend to maintain an up-to-date stock of recent photography  but there are always more urgent things to do.

This produces two problems. The time that images are actually needed rarely coincides with the project looking its best. Also, if you leave it too late the project becomes old news and whilst it still may look great, time has robbed you of some of the value in the images. Sometimes it is just too late to go back.

For this reason, we are developing a ‘staff photographer’ package to give you the facility (without the overhead) of having your own photographer on your team. We think this service needs to: be low cost,  save you time, be tailored to your needs, be trusted and reliable.  If you have thoughts about what should go into our ‘staff photographer’ package please do get in touch.

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