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Why architectural photography matters

I am passionate about architectural photography. This is why I think it is so important.

I think the first reason is that photography is a great way to capture and preserve the original intent of the Architect. Buildings change over time. They weather, they are extended and adapted, and the environment in which they are set evolves. Sometimes buildings are not maintained as they should be so their can be a level of decay as well.

My second reason is that architectural photography has a way of capturing design which can people to access and understand the intent behind the design. We live surrounded by buildings but it can take a photograph to help us really begin to see them. I photograph a lot of new schools and at playtime the children often ask me what I am doing. They have often never thought that someone actually designed their environment and less what that actually means to their experience of the space..

Architectural photography has a vital role to play in the public understanding and appreciation of architecture. It is the primary way that architecture is represented in the media. Capturing spatial relationships, surface texture, light and shadow help the viewer to understand the designers vision and begin to see it for themselves. This is vital because failure to appreciate the value of strong design leads to mediocre buildings which fail the user and shortchange the client.

Finally, why wouldn’t you want inspiring pictures of your work? Architects, interior Designers, Surveyors, Engineers, Contractors, Builders, Planners, materials suppliers, developers devote so many hours of planning, so much creative energy, so much money towards the built environment. In addition to the many practical reasons why these professions commission my architectural photography I believe there is one powerful reason which is often unspoken and that is pride. Quite right too!

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