What’s the cost?

I work on a daily rate of £395 + VAT but every job is different so I need to know a little about your needs before I can give you an idea of likely cost.  You pay only for time spent shooting or editing, (not time spent travelling) and for travel expenses.

Depending upon the demands of the job, my estimate may also include, propping, styling, model fees, permits, etc. I also sometimes make a small charge for studio / lighting costs. For product photography in my studio or on location, (pack-shots) I do sometimes price per item.

I hate hidden extra costs as much as you do so rest assured that I am not the kind of photographer who charges for little extras.

Improving value

The best way to bring your cost down is for you to be as clear as possible about the images you need and how your propose to use them. That way you pay only for what you really need.

I love working with artists, small trades and craft workers so I offer an immediate discount for sole traders.

I also offer discounts to frequent clients and those ordering photography of multiple projects at one time.

What about copyright?

As the creator, the photographer retains the copyright, however, the photography you commission from me is normally licensed to you for any use within the broad terms of the license without further charge and forever.

Many, but not all, of my images are available for secondary licensing. If you have seen images made by me that you would like to use please get in touch. 

To get an idea of the likely cost of the project you have in mind just email me or call 01394 647297.