Place Photography offers a specialist service to architects, interior designers, contractors, builders, construction materials suppliers, landlords, holiday cottage owners, estate managers, property owners and developers. In fact, everyone involved in the designed or built environment.

Why specialist?

The best photography is produced by specialists. Some photographers focus on food, others portraiture, others photojournalism and so on. This is not only because the best photographers use specialist equipment dedicated to their subject but because they build invaluable expert knowledge and  develop a deep interest in and feeling for their subject.


I principally cover London, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire but I regularly work nationally and occasionally, internationally. The great news is that I make no charge for time spent travelling so you can send me wherever I am needed.

Services and Usage

My services include: Still photography at scales from web to 64 sheet billboard, Gigapixel imaging, time-lapse and HD video, elevated photography, aerial still photography and aerial video.
Photographers in Suffolk

My work is used for: advertising, web sites, annual reports, brochures, catalogues, banners and billboards, photo archives, wall panels and displays, awards, competitions and corporate videos.

What’s the cost?

I believe that good design and craftsmanship deserves an equally high standard of photography so I will always try to recommend a solution to suit your budget.

Every job is different so I need to discuss your needs before providing an estimate which is based on a daily rate of  £395 + VAT per day. You only pay for time spent shooting or editing, (not time spent travelling) and for travel expenses. Your images are licensed for any use by you within the broad terms of the license without further charge.

Price can be reduced considerably for regular clients and for sole traders.

Moving Image

Besides still photography, I produce time-lapse, video and audio. You can see some of my work on my video page.

Place Photography is a service of Cultural Intelligence Ltd Registered in England 3883565. We are fully insured and my CSCS card permits me to work unsupervised on site. Please visit our Friends

Please also view our Terms and Conditions  or download here as a pdf